maandag 7 juni 2010

Preview of the New Unidentified Monstrous Organisms by Philip Reed

Since i missed out on the first wave of these outstanding resin monsters, i just could not let that happen again with the latest wave of monsters made by Philip Reed.
As for today, when i checked my usual websites this morning, i came by which i usually just check to see what happens in the world of toys, mostly designer toys.

john cena

I'm not that big of a designer toy collector, but lately there has been so many cool things going on, and as i like resin more than vinyl for some reason, depending on the toy off course, i just have to keep myself up to date on these things.
And there is no better site to do this than

john cena

Well, enough advertising, let's talk monsters!

As i said before, i missed out on his first wave, mentioned right here, so i just had to keep my eye on Philip's movements in the toy creation business!
So when i heard he was working on his latest wave, i was pretty psyched about it.
And today, finally, came his words "and the sign-up list starts today. If you want one then please comment here or contact me" so you can guess what my next action was.
Exactly, put myself on that list.
Even though i like both of his designs, his latest i like a little bit more than his first.
And he said there will be a third wave which looks even better, so let's wait and see shall we?

As i ordered one of his latest designs, now comes the time to sit back, and wait for it to be delivered to my parents house (there's always someone at home down there)
He made them in different color variations which is really cool, so none of them are the same or at least looks the same.
All the colors are pretty great, however, i do like the yellow-ish one a bit more than the others.
So let's wait and see which one i get, either way I'm satisfied with whatever color I'm getting.

john cena

So, check out the flickr account of Philip Reed and keep your eyes on for more cool news and wait for my review on the New Unidentified Monstrous Organisms I'm getting, made by Philip Reed.

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