vrijdag 4 juni 2010

My first post !

Well then, my first post on my brand new Blog ;)

As many of you know I'm a big time collector of Masters of the Universe like action figures, such as Galaxy Warriors, Speclatron, Galaxy Heroes and many other lines.
So i will be doing reviews on these as well very soon.
At this moment we're moving house, well, I'm moving out of my parents house, and will be living together with my girlfriend very soon down here in the Netherlands (so excuse any typo's)

And in our house, there will come a hobby-room to display my collection and do my reviews from.
Our priorities lie elsewhere right now, so it'll take a few weeks before i can start buying glass displays and several other furnitures to display my toys in.

Anyway, i hope you all enjoy my toy reviews, as there will come many, from my own knock off collection, to DC figures, to other weird toys and also artists toys or art pieces, whatever you like to call them.

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